WM VIA 8650 ( Eken M009S ) Android tablet and It's Specification


CPU: VIA 8650 800 MHz.

Memory: Hyunda 256MB DDR2

Android 2.2 operating system

NAND Flash: Samsung 2GB (FAT Disc Format) Flash (4GB Optional)

External Flash: Micro SD/ TFT Card (up to 32GB) More Details...

Saturday, September 10, 2011

HoneyCombMOD Uberoid Rom for WM8650

Uberoid is a HoneyComb style Android operating system especially designed for Android tablets such as WM8650.

The HoneyCombMOD ROM has been developed by HardcoreHacker @ http://techknow.freeforums.org.

HCH has done great job removing unnecessary junk which slows down the performance Factory Firmware and greate look and feel of Honeycomb UI.

As HCH describe, Uberoid is a highly optimized ROM for WM8650 tablets

I have installed Uberoid WM8650 1.3.0 HYBRiD HoneyCombMOD v6.1 LiTE, I can recommend it

Flashing with this ROM you will get Real Google Market and you can used all secured apps on the android market.

You have to create free Account to access techknow.freeforums.org

HowTo install the ROM: It is easy as 1,2,3... :)

1.Download Firmware

2.insert microsd card to Windows PC using card reader or slot in PC
3.format microSD card using FAT32 as Filesystem
You can use SDFormatter
4.Extract archive to Folder on PC then follow the instruction below
  • Run the CHANGER.bat
  • Since this rom is universal you have to customize it according to your device in my case
    I have choose 11
  • Then it will ask for Do you want to COPY Uberoid to an SD drive, Y/N ? answer as Y
  • Then you have to choose SD card drive letter of My Computer once complete
5. Remove microSD card from Windows OS pc.
6. Turn off your tablet
7. Insert microSD card into tablet
8. Turn on your tablet
9. Follow instruction
10. Enjoy a better tablet

Please note that there may be newer version available @ official forum
check below threads


  1. hi,
    i have the same tablet but the menu button is black and not gray. I have flash it with Uberoid V7.1 but the touchscreen doesn't work !!! I have tried to the V8, V6.2 lite, Modroid.. and never TouchScreen works. Have you an idea ? Thx !

  2. If you specify more specific details about your device, such as
    Screen Size
    LED Color
    Audio Port Color
    Vibrate Available Or Not

    I can give some idea to make Touch Screen works possible

  3. Hi,
    no i have talking a long time with HardoreHacker of http://techknow.freeforums.org/ and it's because it's a new wave/model of tablet PC. I have download the last factory firmware of the ebay's seller and it work. In fact, it's the V1.5.2..so i upload it for HardcoreHacker like that's he'll could be incluate this model in the V10 of Uberoid. =)

  4. hi,
    i just wanna ask some question before i reformat my tab
    is it that microsd card you mention is a external one