WM VIA 8650 ( Eken M009S ) Android tablet and It's Specification


CPU: VIA 8650 800 MHz.

Memory: Hyunda 256MB DDR2

Android 2.2 operating system

NAND Flash: Samsung 2GB (FAT Disc Format) Flash (4GB Optional)

External Flash: Micro SD/ TFT Card (up to 32GB) More Details...

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Changing boot animation of android tablet wm8650

Boot animation is the animation that plays after the static images during boot up. On my tablet this was the Uberoid Logo.

Changing the boot animation is very easy, since boot animation come as archave file (bootanimation.zip), you just need to replace the existing one with your required bootanimation.zip file in the /system/media folder of your device.

If file is not there don't worry just copy to there, because in boot process that will be the higher location for checking the particular file.

if you need to further instruction about accessing device root folders read my article about

Download Below Boot Animation

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