WM VIA 8650 ( Eken M009S ) Android tablet and It's Specification


CPU: VIA 8650 800 MHz.

Memory: Hyunda 256MB DDR2

Android 2.2 operating system

NAND Flash: Samsung 2GB (FAT Disc Format) Flash (4GB Optional)

External Flash: Micro SD/ TFT Card (up to 32GB) More Details...

Monday, September 26, 2011

Compatibility issue of HUAWEI USB 3G Modem Dongle for the Uberoid

   Most of the HUAWEI 3g modem are not compatible with Uberoid ROM due to the auto loaded software from modem flash drive.

So make compatible to Uberoid ROM is disabling of the flash drive.

Here is the how to do that:

If you have windows XP PC you can do this throug "Hyper Terminal"
Locate to "Hyper Terminal"
Start -> Programs -> Accessories -> Communications -> Hyper Terminal
Other wise (Win7\Vista) use Tera Term

How to use Hyper Terminal

1. Launch Hyper Terminal
2. In the Connection Description dialog box, enter a name and choose an icon you like for the connection. Then click the

OK button.
3. Then you should see Connect To dialog box, In "connect using" choose your modem. Then click OK.
4. After that if you look main window of hyperterminal is like Note Pad.
5. Then you can paste the AT command there


Disable Flash Drive:

if working properly then it should return OK
If your modem answers ERROR, instead you can use command:

PS: Please not that this command will disable the microSD-drive if availble on USB Modem also.

To Enable the flashdrive and the microSD-drive:

I have tested it on my Huawei E1550 and it worked perfectly.