WM VIA 8650 ( Eken M009S ) Android tablet and It's Specification


CPU: VIA 8650 800 MHz.

Memory: Hyunda 256MB DDR2

Android 2.2 operating system

NAND Flash: Samsung 2GB (FAT Disc Format) Flash (4GB Optional)

External Flash: Micro SD/ TFT Card (up to 32GB) More Details...

Friday, August 19, 2011

How to Install Non-Market Apps

Android applications are packaged in .apk files. If you have a web page that links to the .apk you can tap the link to download and install it (you can also install a .apk from your sdcard by browsing to and tapping on it using a file manager).

Since files distributed in this method have not been “blessed” by the keepers of the Market you will be presented with an “Install blocked” dialog box. You can Cancel, or continue by tapping the Settings button.

On the Application Settings screen you’ll see an item titled “Unknown sources” which allows you to install non-Market applications. Once you tap the checkbox you will be able to install non-Market apps. You’ll need to restart the installation process for that app now.

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